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ECUSA: The House of Bishops - A Generation of Vipers


"You brood of vipers, (Pharisees) how can you, being evil, speak what is good? For the mouth speaks out of that which fills the heart." Mt. 12:34


By David W. Virtue

By now, it must be apparent to orthodox evangelical and Anglo-Catholic parishes caught in revisionist dioceses, that their days are numbered.

Any which way they turn, they are being caught like deer in the headlights of professional shooters with high-powered rifles, picked off at the pleasure of an unbelieving bishop.

The revisionist bishop of Central New York inhibits a godly priest because the priest blows the whistle on a former pedophile priest of his parish. The young priest is subject to harassment, his financial records subpoenaed, and he is removed from his parish. Now he watches as his parish withers and slowly dies as people leave, and he is powerless to stop it.

The revisionist bishop of Connecticut conducts a lightning raid on an evangelical parish on trumped up charges that the man was taking an unlawful sabbatical, grabs his personal computer, locks the doors, hires guards to watch the church, and forces a woman priest on the parish against the will of the vestry. Other orthodox parishes wait anxiously to see when the next shoe will drop.

The revisionist bishop of Central Pennsylvania rips an Anglo-Catholic parish apart telling them that they cannot be a Forward in Faith parish, even though that movement is recognized by the national church. He wants them to be open to other points of view, he says. The priest is forced out and the parish goes with him, another spear wound in the side of orthodoxy.

The revisionist bishop of Florida refuses to allow a group of godly priests to leave his diocese with their properties, because, for him, properties are more important than the gospel, and he believes he has the power, given him by the laying on of hands, to keep what is not his and never was his.

The revisionist bishop of Los Angeles trumpets nice words of inclusion and love, but when three parishes announce they are leaving for an orthodox jurisdiction he litigates and litigates and litigates against them for their properties even though the courts have made it clear that he has no right to them.

The revisionist Bishop of Pennsylvania demands obedience from a number of orthodox priests even though he himself cannot affirm basic doctrines of the faith, writes a Visigoth rite to marry any sexual Heinz variety that turns up to his front door and says Jesus was a sinner who forgave himself.

The revisionist bishop of Massachusetts, a man driven by a pathological need to affirm sodomy, holds a "trial" against an orthodox priest based on trumped up charges by a woman 30 years earlier and the priest is forced out and the parish taken over. The bishop turns up to a House of Bishops meeting with a handsome young man described by the Presiding Bishop as his "companion".

The revisionist Bishop of Lexington inhibits four clergy in his diocese and sent inhibition letters to each telling them that they will be deposed unless they stop ministering without his approval. A fifth priest faces possible restrictions on his ministry. "It appears he wants to stifle orthodoxy in Lexington," said the Rev. David Brannen the former candidate for rector of St. John's in Versailles, now rector of St. Andrew's Anglican Church in Versailles. Of course he does.

And the revisionist Bishop of West Tennessee deposes three priests in a document stating that each of these three priests are "deprived of the right to exercise the gifts of spiritual authority conferred in Ordination, for reasons of Abandonment of the Communion of This church by a Priest."

Now who has abandoned communion? These priests and hundreds like them or the bishops who no longer believe in the authority of Scripture and believe canons trump Scripture and more.

The last two remaining orthodox seminaries in The Episcopal Church are having a hard time placing graduates in liberal dioceses. Revisionist bishops don't want gospel driven priests in their dioceses because they have a gospel that is transformative not inclusive and these bishops find that personally offensive, so a No Trespassing sign is put outside the doors of diocesan house, "Evangelicals and Anglo-Catholics Not Wanted".

An ad hoc group of about 20 bishops, diocesan chancellors and lawyers met in Puerto Rico to review recent legal disputes over property in several dioceses and discussed "key issues" that might arise during future legal action during a Dec. 8-9 meeting in Chicago.

INTERPRETATION: If they leave sue them and get the National Church to help defray the legal costs.

Then there are the disputes in Kansas, Missouri and Los Angeles involving parishes attempting to leave a diocese with their property, but a possible future concern is that an entire diocese will in some way seek to alter its existing legal relationship within the Episcopal Church and flee as well.

And revisionist bishops do not simply want to destroy orthodoxy in their dioceses, they want to populate pulpits with openly gay and lesbian priests. Just ask the Bishop of Western New York. His Deployment officer is gay and he has a free hand to say yea or nay to whomever applies for a post in his diocese.

And then was the former Bishop of Washington who, during his seven year reign never allowed one, straight white male to function as a priest in his diocese. Of course if you were gay, lesbian and a person of color and wanted to switch hit, the welcome mat was out for you.

And is there one good thing that one could say about the Dioceses of Newark or Long Island, where, in the latter diocese, the New York Times questions the sexual health of the bishop and raises the issue, "Does he have AIDS?"

The Long Island bishop's pathological hatred of orthodoxy is only matched by his love for a homosexual priest who "married" his Brazilian lover which made PENTHOUSE magazine with a "Boys from Brazil" headline. After being defrocked the bishop then sought to have the priest reinstated.

And the history of venality goes on and on. And you wonder why Nigerian Archbishop Peter Akinola trusts Presiding Bishop Frank Griswold not one whit and wants nothing to do with the Episcopal Church; in fact he views homosexuality as such an abomination that he has set up his own Nigerian Church (CANA) right inside the U.S. alongside the ECUSA.

The Episcopal Church has bred a generation of viperous bishops who are out to destroy the very priests who have a gospel and could make their dioceses grow, and in the process end up only destroying themselves.

"You brood of vipers, (Pharisees) how can you, being evil, speak what is good? said Jesus. The truth is they can't. The god of this world has blinded their eyes, they are empty men and women with no gospel to proclaim and they are killing the Episcopal Church.


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