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Culture Wars
April 15 2018 By dvirtue Why Christians must rub salt in society's wounds

Stark estimates that there were no more than a thousand Christians in 40 AD. However, by the third century, Christianity was growing at the rate of 40 per cent per decade. There were 33 million Christians in the Roman Empire out of a total population of 60 million by 350 AD. Christians were so numerous at the dawn of the fourth century that Emperor Constantine found it politically expedient to embrace Christianity.

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April 11 2018 By dvirtue Europe's Civilizational Exhaustion

In a prophetic conference held in Vienna on May 7, 1935, the philosopher Edmund Husserl said, "The greatest danger to Europe is tiredness". Eighty years later, the same fatigue and passivity still dominate Western European societies.

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April 08 2018 By dvirtue Revisiting The Fatherhood Crisis Of Our Civilization

For there was a dark side to it all. Rather than face the problem honestly, we took the easy way out by simply blaming the crisis on fathers themselves. Blankenhorn and Popenoe cheapened their books by claiming (without a shred of evidence) that fathers were abandoning their children in droves. While Gore was promoting fatherhood, his boss, Bill Clinton, was attacking fathers and having them plundered and arrested: "We will find you!" he intoned.

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April 07 2018 By dvirtue California's Shocking 'You Must Stay Gay' Bill

This would apply to a 14-year-old girl who was raped by her uncle at the age of 8 and now feels repulsion towards men and attraction towards women. If her parents stood with her and she wanted to meet with a trained counselor to help to get to the root of her attractions, in some states, that would be illegal. No professional counselor or therapist or psychologist would be allowed to help her.

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April 05 2018 By dvirtue Air Force reinstates colonel suspended for not thanking homosexual serviceman's 'spouse'

In a letter sent to members of Congress on Monday, Air Force Secretary Heather Wilson confirmed the Air Force is restoring the command of Colonel Leland B.H. Bohannon, the Military Times reported. Bohannon is commander of the Air Force Inspection Agency at Kirtland Air Force Base in New Mexico, and a distinguished serviceman of more than 20 years.

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April 01 2018 By dvirtue Chaplain to the Queen warns: 'It's going to end in blood'

The strange thing is, the effect of being just and kind and generous and protective to the small minorities is to begin to undo marriage. Then when you listened to them, they give it away... A famous Canadian author said we don't want marriage, we don't like marriage. We only want it because we're setting out to destroy it...

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March 28 2018 By dvirtue The Gayification of Everything

And, of course, this mass subversion project gets cemented in stone when the state gets into bed with the sexual militants. Then the heavy hand of the law is used to crush all opposition and to fully implement the agenda of the radicals.

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March 21 2018 By dvirtue The gay media can't hide the truth anymore: same-sex 'marriage' is the antithesis of marriage

'Open' relationships, buying babies, 'raw and unedited' videos of homogenital activity

For a few weeks, Instinct Magazine has featured a video commercial promoting vacations in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

The ad shows a presumably "married" gay couple with "their" young son enjoying a vacation at the very gay-friendly tourist destination. It promotes the idea that families headed by two men are no different from families formed by a married father and mother.

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March 16 2018 By dvirtue Lauren Southern and the Islamic Police State of Great Britain

I showed the heads of school a clip from the penultimate scene of the film where the enemy is shelling the Governor's Residency. The blasts get louder and the cannon balls land closer to target as Sir Sidney and his officers and ladies are dining in regal splendour. The building is shaking and plaster is falling into the soup. But Queen Victoria's entourage carry on the charade and pretend that nothing out of the ordinary is happening.

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March 14 2018 By dvirtue Sex Reassignment Doesn't Work. Here Is the Evidence

Dr. Paul McHugh, the university distinguished service professor of psychiatry at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, explains:

Transgendered men do not become women, nor do transgendered women become men. All (including Bruce Jenner) become feminized men or masculinized women, counterfeits or impersonators of the sex with which they 'identify.' In that lies their problematic future.

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