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COLUMBUS, OH: Interview with gay Bishop V. Gene Robinson

COLUMBUS, OH: Interview with gay Bishop V. Gene Robinson

VirtueOnline Exclusive

By Hans Zeiger
VirtueOnline Correspondent

ZEIGER: Bishop Robinson, where do you think this church is headed? Obviously, this convention is very divided. Where's everything going?

RT. REV. V. GENE ROBINSON, BISHOP OF NEW HAMPSHIRE: I wouldn't speculate on what will ultimately happen, but I feel very hopeful about this church.

ZEIGER: What would it do to the Episcopal Church if the conservatives in the church left?

ROBINSON: A total tragedy.

ZEIGER: Your side seems to have the advantage in the direction of this church. How do you propose to work with the conservatives if they remain?

ROBINSON: I've had no trouble working together with the conservative bishops...If everyone stays at the table, I don't see why there won't be a working relationship.

ZEIGER: Have any of the conservatives been uncivil toward you personally or your side?

ROBINSON: No. I've been treated very well. Of course, I may not agree with everything they say about me.


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