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May 19 2017 By dvirtue CHEXIT:- Staying, leaving or consecrating new bishops

We have for example, been presented with decades of egalitarian gender theory. Slowly but surely, the mystical gender theology of St Paul has been downgraded, ignored and now disowned, even by evangelical Christians, who used to self-define by their admiration of the principle of the authority of Scripture.

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May 16 2017 By dvirtue Jesmond Vicar warns against trying to discipline curate ordained bishop by breakaway Church

The action was taken without the knowledge of the diocese of Newcastle or its Bishop. In a statement, a Church of England spokesman said that the Bishop, the Rt Revd Christine Hardman, was now aware of the consecration and had informed the Archbishop of York.

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May 14 2017 By dvirtue The Church needs to demolish its wall around conservatism

Bishops Without Borders? Why not? Doctors Without Borders have been around for a bit, and they've been saving lives. So what's wrong with a new model of Évêques sans Frontières along the lines of Medecins Sans Frontières? Bishops need balls and brains, not borders. And the new species of bishops in the Church of England have lost both. Évêques sans couilles et sans cervelle!

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May 13 2017 By dvirtue Justin Welby is a heretic, say breakaway conservative Anglicans

Highlighting the level of concern over the CofE's teaching on homosexuality, Bishop Martin Morrison of the conservative breakaway Anglican Church in South Africa that oversaw the consecration of Jesmond's senior minister as a bishop, accused the archbishops of an ancient Christian heresy called Arianism.

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May 09 2017 By dvirtue Clergy accuse Archbishops of backing Tories in election letter

It called on Christians to set aside "apathy and cynicism" and draw new inspiration from the ancient Christian virtues of "love, trust and hope".

It also asked believers to pray for political leaders and for those who will be elected.

But it was the use of the word "stability" which raised concern from dozens of clergy and other Christians.

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May 06 2017 By dvirtue Archbishop Welby should check his facts before uttering inanities

I spent ten days doing an advanced course on the Holocaust and anti-Semitism at Yad Vashem. We had some of the world's best academics lecturing us in Hebrew, French and English. There was one lesson they were constantly trying to drill into our thick heads: Don't compare anti-Semitism to other forms of racism.

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May 01 2017 By dvirtue Church of England 'homophobic' says gay marriage vicar

He said he felt under constant pressure being a gay man working in the Church.

Speaking to BBC Radio 5 live's Stephen Nolan, he said: "The people of the Church of England, the worshipping congregations up and down the country are amazing people who worship and serve their local communities and do tremendous amounts of good in lots of places and for the most part they are welcoming and accepting of the LGBTI community.

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April 28 2017 By dvirtue Parents are using a "dubious interpretation of human right legislation" to pull students out of the classes

He said that parents are using a "dubious interpretation of human right legislation" to pull students out of the classes, warning that such actions create a "dangerous" precedent.

Mr Holloway, who taught at comprehensive schools in Essex and Wiltshire before taking up his current post in the C of E's education office, said that the right to withdraw children from RE lessons risks being hijacked by those who want to "incite religious hatred".

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April 26 2017 By dvirtue Anglican Church names Nigerian bishop, the first African in 2 decades

Dorgu joins Ugandan John Sentamu, currently the archbishop of York, who is the only other black bishop. He is the second most powerful leader of the church and was consecrated as bishop of Stephney 20 years ago.

He is much involved in the life of the Church Primary School in the parish where he has been Chair of Governors and supports staff and pupils. He is married to Mosun who is a Consultant Child Psychiatrist.

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April 26 2017 By dvirtue Elevation of the Blessed Asparagus: a Church of England pantomime

England might be a major producer of asparagus, and the Vale of Evesham might be hosting the world famous Asparagus Festival, but where exactly does this stop? Would the Church of England permit a man dressed up as a baked bean to process behind a Heinz tin of the things, and sanctify the mummery with a facade of thanksgiving? And why only adoration of asparagus? Where's the sprout liturgy, or equality for mushrooms?

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