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Bishop Edward MacBurney Inhibited. Son Dies Two Days Later

Bishop Edward MacBurney Inhibited. Son Dies Two Days Later

By David W. Virtue

Mrs. Katharine Jefferts Schori, Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church, has formally inhibited The Rt. Rev. Edward H. MacBurney, retired Bishop of Quincy. Two days after the letter of inhibition was signed by the Presiding Bishop, MacBurney's son Page died.

Bishop Keith L. Ackerman SSC, Bishop of Quincy, said MacBurney was not aware of the inhibition. Ackerman had to read the inhibition to him over the phone.

"I am beside myself with grief over this unnecessary action taken against my predecessor especially at a time when he is mourning the death of his son this past Friday. I am particularly saddened that, with the exception of the Bishop who initiated this action, those involved in determining this course have never spoken with Bishop MacBurney directly. In the midst of this difficult time for Bishop MacBurney and his family, I am really much more concerned about the implications of St. Matthew 18:15-17 as it relates to how reconciliation is pursued than I am with Title IV, Canon 1, Section 6 as it relates to discipling my dear brother. In the meantime, we are ministering to the needs of the MacBurney family."

A statement from Forward in Faith UK said this,"The purported inhibition of Bishop Edward MacBurney by the Presiding Bishop of The Episcopal Church is nothing less than contemptible, confirming our view that a ‘graceless and totalitarian’ mindset now holds sway in the upper echelons of The Episcopal Church.

"Edward MacBurney is a Bishop in the Church of God whom we are proud to salute. We assure him and his wife of our prayers and our heartfelt condolences in their great loss."

The orthodox Bishop was accused of performing confirmations in June 2007 at Holy Trinity Parish in the Diocese of San Diego without getting the permission of the local Episcopal bishop, Don Mathes. The parish broke away from the Diocese of San Diego in 2006 and affiliated with the Diocese of Argentina in the Province of the Southern Cone.

Mrs. Jefferts Schori said the presentment issued by the Title IV Review Committee was based on Title IV, canon 3, Section 43Copyright, 44, and 45 of The Episcopal Church. Bishop MacBurney is inhibited from exercising his gifts of ministry and will face a court trial.


QUINCY: Parish Shows Support for Bishop MacBurney

Dear Bishop MacBurney,
April 8, 2008

I am writing on behalf of Trinity Church, Rock Island, to express our heartfelt support for you in the face of The Episcopal Church's inhibition. The Vestry tonight voted their unanimous support and friendship.

The Vestry remains confident of your ability to defend yourself against the presentment brought against you in January -- an action that shocked and angered those of us who know and love you as a Christian leader in the Diocese of Quincy, in the Diocese of Iowa, and indeed around the globe.

Today's news that the presiding bishop of The Episcopal Church has issued an inhibition against you, demanding you cease all ministerial acts until after judgment in a Court for Trial of a Bishop, leaves us searching for civil words to express our reaction to so intemperate an act.

The order of inhibition is, in our opinion, extreme and unduly punitive. In few courts outside The Episcopal Church are the accused punished first and convicted second.

It is our understanding that the Presiding Bishop has not so much as spoken to you about the complaint. We are stunned that the presiding bishop chose to act during a time you and Ann are mourning your son's death.

Given the circumstances, it is impossible for us to regard the timing as anything but cruel, unchristian, and an attempt to intimidate orthodox Anglicans.

We are deeply saddened and hurt on your behalf. You and Ann are in our prayers. We stand willing to support you any way we can in your courageous service.

We also grieve for what is happening to the church. As the Body of Christ, we rejoice in our suffering and sacrifice, for we know the Lord will triumph over evil in the end.

In faith,

Michael Romkey, Senior Warden on behalf of the Trinity Vestry
Rick Damewood, Robin Garret, Patricia Renfro, Kent Barnds, Bill Bloom,

cc/- Bishop Ackerman,
Parish Mailing list
Dana Clearman, Pam Davis, Jay Ferkel, Marcie Kaiser, June Lincoln, Larry Shanks, Cathy White

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